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Fischer RC Pro 110 walk (DIY)

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The highly athletic RC Pro 110 Walk is big on comfort on the slope and while walking. Thanks to the latest Walk Sole, making your way to the slope is an easy stroll.
The ideal match of a completely adaptable Vacu-Plast shell with an AFZ liner for efficient power transfer. This takes place through the function zones which actively support the foot, guaranteeing an ideal fit and efficient power transfer.
The RC Pro 110 Walk comes with a comfort bonus thanks to its walking comfort. A Walk Sole makes it possible to walk in the boots without any risk at all. This makes walking easy and enables you to get off to a comfortable start to your day's skiing.
Excellent fit and innovative first Fit feature make this boot an absolute highlight. It combines comfort with athletic ski ability. With a flex index of 110, the boot is a top piece of sports equipment that is always a pleasure to use.