Epic Wave Balance Board damplein 9 SKI & SCHAATS
Epic Wave Balance Board damplein 9 SKI & SCHAATS

Epic Wave Balance Board

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Wave is both fast and stable - all thanks to sidecuts on both sides, widening smoothly at the ends of the board. That shape directly influences the smoothness of transmission when rolling from side to side. Deck accelerates when the roller is closest to its center to slow down closer to the sides of the board. The motion can be compared to swift turns of a surfboard, longboard or skies.
This model is preferred mostly by any winter sports enthusiasts or those, who seek a balance board suitable for tricks. It is more then ideal for training all of the rail snowboard tricks such as frontside blunt or frontside noseslide.

All the shapes and graphics from the nature series were carefully designed and crafted so that the board would bring maximum joy, momentum and hype from balancing. It is the nature series (EPIC Wings especially) which was the milestone for the EPIC Crew to start shareing the stoke of training while having fun.
If we were asked to describe where did the idea for EPIC came from, I guess we would all say: Nature is where it all begun.