Cadomotus Omega Schaatshelm Rood

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The Cadomotus Omega Schaatshelm Blue is also very suitable for cycling.

Winner of the BikeMotionAward 2018 for most innovative product: the Omega aero helmet. The Omega helmet is an aerodynamic cycle helmet with visor suitable for the track, road, criteriums, time trials and ice skating! So a helmet which is officially approved for both cycling and skating, with a beautiful aerodynamic lines. Aerohelmen be particularly increasingly popular in cycling. The Omega helmet is a well ventilated helmet which is also very popular for time trials because of the integrated visor. This is simply fixed with 3 strong magnets and is a snap to take off and on the helmet, with aerodynamic lines is maintained. With the visor in this stowed position, the helmet is also without difficulty on and off. The two large air vents at the front make this helmet extra good ventilation and the honeycomb structure protects against insects.

The Omega Aero helmet with visor is the best cross between a traditional helmet, an aero helmet and a tijdrithelm for cycling. The fastest, most comfortable and innovative bicycle helmet with visor / screen. Completely new from the drawing board.

Aero is a must, that is with one glance in the profpeloton clear. But not all aerohelmen make you happier on the bike. The first much-needed is ventilation. The Omega makes use of three air ducts on the inside of the helmet and on the front air is passed through the honeycombs. This is a unique combination between minimum drag and maximum cooling of your head.

Cádomotus uses a patented honeycomb construction that were not previously in this way was applied in helmets. The material is integral in the foam of the shell to be processed. Thus, aerodynamics and safety secured, and you have no burden of flies on your head. Without a mesh or a fully sealed helmet, the ventilation stops.

On this aerodynamic helmet, you click with three magnets the best visors on your helmet. There is no wind in your eyes, not even if you have a high speed of a mountain roars. And if you have the visor uphill just do not need it, then you're upside down on your helmet. There is nothing to chance left, also now follows the crosshair, the shape of the helmet, even now, you will be aerodynamic.

  • Comfortable. Extremely light in weight
  • Safer. Very efficient and reliable in absorbing impact
  • Fully breathable thanks to the honeycomb material and with three ducts on the inside over the entire length. It prevents the sweat that you are in a winter sport, the headline can cost.
  • EN1078 and ASTM F-1849 certified and approved by the ISU (speed skating) and UCI (cycling).
  • The innovative honeycomb design prevents insects through the ventilation holes to be able to fly.
  • When you use the visor, the perfect helmet for people who wear glasses. No sports glasses strength is needed!

The aerodynamic bike helmet is available in three sizes: head circumference 50-55, 54-57 and 58-61 inches and is available in three colors.

The best Aero helmet for cyclists with glasses

Many cyclists wear contact lenses, but lenses can irritate and sports eyewear at strong are expensive. The Cadomotus Omega-helmet with integrated visor fits over your normal glasses. The Cádomotus SKY scopes have a lens shape would eliminate that corresponds to the curvature of your eyes to give you a less distorted field of vision, more peripheral vision and a clear, sharper vision.

Our SKY lenses use a blue Revo®-lenslaag and offer a extremely stylish look to the brilliance of the bright, white surface of snow and ice restricted.

Cadomotus SKY lenses provide 100% optical clarity.
Cadomotus SKY lenses provide a more accurate view.
Cadomotus SKY lenses provide a wider field of view.

The Cádomotus Omega has been designed in conjunction with the Aerospeed lenses. These exact fit follows the aerodynamic lines of an ambitious position on the bicycle. The lenses click in place with magnets around your forehead. In addition to a clear view, the lens is also a snap to run or to take off.

There are three lenses available:
SKYnight. A neutral, clear acrylic lens
SKYfall. A yellow lens with Blue Revo(R) coating for more contrast and decrease glare. Suitable for indoor, under white light and misty conditions.
SKYlight. A lens with a dark gray tint for lower contrast and protect the eyes in bright light.