FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What are your opening hours?

See Contact & Opening hours.

Where can I find dam square 9?

We are on the damplein 9, 1135 BK Edam, the Dam in the middle of the beautiful and characteristic city centre of Edam. The property was formerly also known as the Speeltheater.

Where is Schaatshuis a losing battle?

That we are! ;). In the winter, The losing battle the entire 1st floor of damplein 9. That is so still, but now in a very nice location. In the summer they are slightly hidden, on the 1st floor and only open to customers and by appointment. This is because we are the large numbers of tourists in the summer are not able to operate at this location.



You also have coffee to go?

Yes, almost everything from our extensive coffee menu may be ok to go to be prepared. Just register beforehand ;).

Do you have Gluten free, lactose free, Vegan ice cream?

Yes, that is what we have. Because our ice cream exclusively from pure, natural products prepared are many flavours gluten and lactose free. On our flavors of ice cream card, you can see exactly what flavors these are. This is in the folder. Ask him in the store.

Do you have any ice cream for at home?

Yes, we have special thermobakken which you ice cream for home can buy. Choose a flavor and a size. We have bins of 1/2 litre, 1 litre and half litre. A half litre for 3 to 4 persons. In this bake, you can use the ice outside the freezer for at least an hour keep well. We recommend the bake 10 minutes for lunch from the freezer to pick up and open for the best flavor. 



Waxing and sharpening your also skis and snowboards?

Yes we grind both skis as snowboards. In addition, we also do minor repairs and mounting and tuning skis.



Sharpen you skating?

Yes, we sharpen all skates. Thus, in addition to long track speedskates, clap skates, hockeyschaatsen, figure skating and natuurijsschaatsen.

How long does skate sharpening?

In principle, following werkkdag ready after 12: 00.

Sell you in the summer also ice skating?

Yes, we sell in the summer also ice skating. However, because the schaatsdeskundigen not always be present, we advise you to take a call or to make an appointment.

Can I use my thermoplastic schaatsschoenen for you to thermoplastics?

Yes, it can. However, this may not be on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. 
Of course we do this directly if you shoes to buy from us.

Other questions

To sponsor you?

Yes, under certain conditions, see dam square 9 as a sponsor

Do you have employees?

At this moment we are not actively looking. But if you are interested please send a pb via facebook.



No, sorry, on the street behind the TOURIST office at the White Gate is a free public toilet.


No, sorry we're not selling. But we have very nice kaaswinkels in Edam. One to the left and right within the 30 metres.

Where is the center?