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Ice skating

- Damplein 9 / The losing battle - it is already more than 40 years associated with the skating and has in many ways sponsored. In skating we have reasonable fixed sponsordeals so there is not much more room for additional sponsorship. Do you think us something very interesting/fun to be able to offer please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Edam/Volendam events / clubs

For anything that is not with skating to make, we have a fairly simple policy. For the first ten applications per calendar year in our municipality, the following applies:

1. If it's in Edam/Volendam, the benefit to Edam/Volendam and/or youth Edam/Volendam and/or sport Edam/Volendam or otherwise happiness in Edam/Volendam, we sponsor 50,-.

2. If larger amounts are desired, we require a win/win partnermodel where results are measurable and interface with one or more of our activities. If there needs are, an organization may submit a plan which we review for feasibility.

In this context we sponsor in 2018:

  • Kaaspop
  • "
  • EVC youth tournament
  • ...

Success with your sport / event / club, and who knows to our sponsors!

Danielle & Pim

Damplein 9 Edam



In the past, sponsored we o.a.:

  • STG Purmerend
  • Schaatsteam Wages
  • FC Volendam youth
  • Singelfestival
  • "
  • Kaaspop
  • Spindl speedskating team
  • Wages Schaatsteam
  • Region NHU
  • Project 2018 schaatsteam
  • Mg / Success schaatsteam
  • Racin Haarlem
  • Racin Horn
  • Raps Kika 24
  • Team White (With o.a. Irene Schouten, Simon Schouten, Robin Derks, Johan de Wit, etc)
  • Individual skeeleraars:
    o.a. Lars Conijn, Ruud Slagter, Twan Berlin, Wessel Painters, Tjeu Berlijn, Peter Green, Jacques Tuijp, Lars Scheenstra