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Company information -Damplein 9-

address: Damplein 9, 1135 BC Edam, the Netherlands
chamber of commerce: 37091633
VAT-number: NL819262638B01
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Article 1 Scope

These general terms and conditions of Damplein 9, are applicable to all agreements and services that Damplein 9 enters into with its customers/consumers.


Article 2 Products

The products that Damplein 9 sells and delivers to its customers through product development to interim changes are subject. For example, the articles at any time in the interim be adjusted to or from the range can be achieved. Also can new articles be added to the range, to which these general terms and conditions will apply. Orders that at the time of product change is already in place, will take place according to the time of the order agreed upon products and pricing. A quality product is only with the notice cancelled. Deviations in products according to the specifications on the website are first discussed with the customer prior to delivery is passed.


Article 3 Prices

a. All prices on the website are in euro and including VAT.

b. All prices are to changes in prices subject without notice by Damplein 9 be subject to alteration. Orders that at the time of price change is already in place, will take place according to the time of the order agreed upon prices.

c. All prices are exclusive of shipping costs. Over 50,- we charge no shipping.

Article 4 Payment

a. Ideal payments offered on the website Damplein 9 by a payment Service Provider Mollie processed. The delivery of the products shall be carried out after the authorisation of payment is received. The name ‘Mollie’ on the bank statement appear. Please never of its own accord the account of Mollie to use, but only the account number of Damplein 9.

b. The receipt of the order is enclosed with the order.

c. In case of non or incomplete payment, which after our request, no response is given, the order will be cancelled.


Article 5 Delivery Time

Most items are in stock and will immediately after receipt of the payment to be sent. If an item is unexpectedly out of stock, we aim to have delivery within a week.
If the delivery time will take longer than a week, it will be Damplein 9 the customer can inform an indication of the expected delivery time. If this is for the customer problem, the customer can immediately purchase dissolve. If the customer agrees, the new expected delivery time. Damplein 9 can in no way be held liable for any of this indicator different delivery time.


Article 6 Warranty

a. Damplein 9 warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship. If such errors are observed, can these articles within 8 days after receipt with Damplein 9 be returned. Damplein 9 will then arrange for repair of the defective product or if necessary a new product. Hereby the delivery time will again be observed.

b. Defects in a product due to normal wear and tear resulting from normal use of the product are not covered under this warranty. With the use of the product, the user manual supplied with the product to be observed.
In the event of improper use of the products, or by use for purposes where the product is not designed for, will void the warranty.

c. If within 8 days after delivery should it appear that the products do not meet the specifications of the ordered products, the product -provided the products are unused and in the original undamaged packaging, be exchanged for another product. The product should be sufficiently stamped should be sent to Damplein 9, and include (copy) original receipt.

d. In case of proven defects, the extra shipping costs are for the account of Damplein 9.

e. In exchange, the cost of shipping the second shipping will be charged.

f. The customer is obliged, within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect, but no later than within 8 days after receipt of the product, you do so at Damplein 9. The customer shall use the product immediately after notification unused return.


Article 7 is Not good, money back

If the customer after receipt of the item, a decision to refrain from the purchase, the customer without giving any reason for the article - provided the products are unused and in the original undamaged packaging within 8 days return to Damplein 9 and the sale cancel. The costs for the return shipment are for the account of the customer. If the customer already has paid for the article, will this amount (minus the shipping cost of the original shipping, and a small amount of administration and processing costs Euro 2.50) to her to be repaid by Damplein 9.

DVDS cannot be returned unless there is a clear and approved manufacture or other failure.


Article 8 Complaints Procedure

If the customer has a complaint concerning the products or services of Damplein 9, she can make her complaint at Damplein 9. This can be done by e-mail or by ordinary mail. Damplein 9 will then, within 5 working days contact the customer concerning the complaint. Damplein 9 committed her best efforts to come to a reasonably satisfactory solution.

If a complaint is in the opinion of the customer is not sufficiently handled, the complaint may finally still (only) be addressed in writing to:

Damplein 9
department: Complaints department
Damplein 9
1135 BC Edam


Article 9 Liability

a. Damplein 9 can in no way be held liable for defects on the products, as a result of improper use of the products. With the use of the product should be the guide (if applicable) of the product to be observed. The descriptions mentioned in the website Damplein 9 / leaflets or other information media are only as indication intended. This can in no case legally binding.

b. The liability of Damplein 9 is always limited to the amount of the order / agreement.


Article 10 Protection Of Privacy

Damplein 9 is obliged to all its clients ' data strictly confidential and will not without the prior consent of the customer to third parties with the purpose of advertising or for any purpose. For more information, see the privacy statement.


Article 11 the Dutch law

All agreements that Damplein 9 enters into with its customers and these general conditions the Dutch law applies.

Thus prepared to Edam on november 1, 2016


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Damplein 9

Damplein 9
1135 BC Edam
The Netherlands

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